A Beauty Addiction where your look is custom crafted!
We offer custom blending as well as some RTW (Ready to Wear) products that suit every ethnicity and skin types. 
Our custom blend mineral foundation is the purest with no fillers like Bismuth Oxychloride (a known skin irritant). We use them to blend foundations, eye shadows, blushes and use them in lipsticks.
You can choose from liquid or mineral foundations from our RTW or get a custom blend that matches your skin.
We can duplicate any lipstick color and offer a list of discontinued colors from many popular brands.
Our skin care supports our cosmetics in providing the perfect care for the facial canvass.
We look forward to helping you find the right cosmetics that will fit your look and lifestyle!

Being a Cosmetic Junkie is an Addiction to Beauty!

Hello, my name is Valerie (Val) Nusskern. I am a Cosmetic Junkie! It all started when I was thirteen and my mother was a cosmetic buyer for a drug store chain. She would bring home samples and I would play in them. My mother only wore lipstick but I became addicted. I have the proverbial makeup drawers and can't pass a cosmetic counter with looking at color. My passion is for creative expression through creating images highlighting my art! My background stems from theater and landed me in the Salon. 
I am pleased to be able to offer products that are quality in both application and ingredients.

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