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A unique brow pencil with a triangle tip creates the perfect brow in minutes. The triangular shape allows 

you to sculpt with broad strokes using the flat edge of the pencil, as well as fill in with fine lines using the 

pointed tip. Its unique triangular shape ensures precision application. The opposite end has both a 

sponge and a brush so to perfect your brows with the perfect tools!

This advanced formula combines powder, pencil and wax to create naturally fuller brows. The lasting 

pigments release upon contact with the brows, while the soft waxes allow the pigments to fasten to the 

hair, subtly building volume in turn, enhancing the symmetry of your face.

Starting with the retractable mechanical powder pencil, twist up slightly until the product reveals itself. 

Begin at the fullest part of you brow, then use the point of the triangle like a pencil and with a simple side 

movement fill in the entire brow. Turning the tip vertically allows you to draw individual hairs. When 

brows are defined to perfection, use the sponge on the other end of the component to clean up or soften 

brow line, if needed. Groom the brows into place by simply pulling off the sponge section then inserting 

the sponge into the pencil base to use the brush. Voila! Brow Perfection!

• Automatic pencil—no sharpener required.

• Free of sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes, fragrance, and vegan-friendly.

• The uni-shade allows you to customize your desired intensity: Layer and apply with more pressure to go 

dark and bold, or use a lighter touch and blend out with the attached brush and sponge to soften for a 

more natural look.