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  • Metal Mania™ - Cosmetic Powdered Metals Set


     Metal Mania™ 

    This very popular metallic fantasy makeup is easy to apply and yields stunning results.  Here are just a few ideas of what or who you can be with our Cosmetic Powdered Metals: Oscar--the academy award, The FTD floral man, The Goldfinger Girl, The Tin Man of OZ, or any other metallic character you can think of. 

    Kit contains: 1 oz Cosmetic Powdered Metal, 1/2 oz Magic Set Mixing and Lining Liquid, 1 applicator sponge.

    Note: This Metal Mania Kit comes with a full size 1 oz jar of Cosmetic Powdered Metal, which goes a surprisingly long way. You may wish to purchase an additional 2 oz bottle of Magic Set Mixing and Lining Liquid to make use of the whole jar.